Once upon a pre-sale

After over 2 years of meticulous formulation, perfecting and designing... the day is finally here!

Tonight we are offering subscribers first access and the best price you will EVER see this premium eco hair care. 

This will be our first sustainable small batch, and our DM's are telling us that people are busting to get it... so get ready to get in there and secure your starter pack on pre-order (expected shipping date mid August - about 4 weeks)

When you buy our WASHED. duo sets, not only will you be doing the environment and yourself a favour, your back pocket will be smiling too!

For a little while only, we are giving you a cheeky 25% off the full price of our forever bottle starter pack, that's an early bird price of

$89. That's a $31 saving!

What you get: 

1 x 350ml eco pouch of Washed. CLEANSE (UPLIFT or ENRICH)

1 x 350ml eco pouch of Washed. CARE (UPLIFT or ENRICH)

2 x 350ml glass and silicone 'forever' bottles.

So it's eco friendly, and it's great quality... but how economical is it?

Ummmm.... Very!


Your pre-sale discount makes this comparison look even better!

"On this journey, it wasn't just about developing a premium, salon quality product without the waste and harsh chemicals, it was also about creating something affordable, so MORE people can make conscious switches to better product!"

Our sizes are 100mls larger than average (we did this because we wanted to minimise unnecessary carbon footprint with delivery, and make things convenient for you)

Can't wait to ship them out to you in mid August! 

Big love, 

Alex and Kate & the Washed Team


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