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**Please be aware, our old pouches (aluminium) will not fit in this return mailer, to return those, please reach out to us as their counterpart mailer has been discontinued online**

Our plastic busting heroes; the return mailers! 

We can stop the throw out culture in the beauty industry, one mail run at a time!

You can stash up to 6 pouches in here, so collect a few before you grab one of these.


1. Fasten the lids securely (we don't want Auspost getting mad at us because of leakage)

2. Stack your eco pouches inside in a way that the nozzles won't stack on top of each other causing the envelope to be too wide for the 'letters' mail. 

3. Pop them in your local post box next time you're going past!


We're so grateful for you for refilling, and now, helping us reuse every bit of plastic that we can! Go you good thing!