Washed is a product of embracing the
    unbecoming and unlearning that we
    are collectively doing today as a
    society. Washed was created and
    continues to evolve from this place -
    simply deciding to be a part of the
    unlearning and awakening of our
    generation. To offer something so
    simple, that in years gone, would
    have been just part of the ritual.
   Reuse. Refill. Reuse. From a time
   when Mother Earth wasn't separate
   from us but part of our processes.
   Connected, conscious, cared for. This
   unlearning and unbecoming we are
   doing right now , I believe, will be the
   beginning of a healthier Earth, but also communities. It's our connection back to Mother Earth, and with that, ourselves.



As I journeyed through this new phase of being a woman that is motherhood, my perspective shifted. i started seeing a lot further ahead. this is where washed was first born - wanting to change the way we impact the future. then, i realised somewhere along the line that two passions of mine ~ self development + creating products that could change the way we view and treat waste, could fuse together and create this really beautiful, wholesome offering for intentional women as a whole.

   Washed is a collection of incredible women, from my formulations specialist to my graphic designer, all collaborating and making space for this new, yet ancient idea of sourcing from earth, taking only what we need, and reusing. But at the heart of it, it's only little old me - A mother, a hair stylist, a yoga teacher. Just doing what I felt called to.