Because if not us, then who?

We believe that doing the right thing in 2021 should be easy.

That's why we're here. We all know we have big steps to take to change our societies unhealthy consumption, that has used and abused our planet for too long. If you're here, we know you're on board with todays 'it stops with us' moto! We're so glad you're here to help us spark change in the beauty industry, which happens to be one of the worlds largest contributors to single use packaging! We're on a mission, so thanks for being part of the solution with us!

We're saying no to single use packaging with 3 simple steps

We are women

Women with a big vision to not only
reduce single use packaging for our
customers, but to spark REAL CHANGE
in an overly toxic industry. Spoiler alert
- we're not stopping here!

We are pledging

Pledging 20% of the profits from
all products to our incredible Australian
charity over at take 3 for the sea to assist
with the incredible work they are doing.

Did you know? The beauty industry
is the number one contributor to
plastic production in the WORLD.

When you consider the products coming and going from one woman's bathroom each year, and multiply it the WORLD over, it's no wonder it's said that at this rate, by 2050 the ocean will be filled with more plastic than fish! But, don't panic!

We LOVE self care. Like, we're all about it, honestly! As women, we know you pretty much function like a superhuman all day, and you deserve the best when it comes to your self care products. But you also care about your impact, which is what makes you so amazing.

Don't stress, just get behind us, join the movement and help us replace your single use self care products with high quality, guilt free alternatives!

Be part of the solution with us

We promise.

Pledge your support and make the switch

Check out our sustainability goals!